Developing a new static checker using clang

Hello everyone, I’ve just begun to explore clang, and I want to develop a static checker for a new library built for C++. I’ve a set of rules I’d like the checker to check (semantic rules, not just syntactic) However, I’m stuck with a few initial roadblocks:

  1. I’ve written a skeletal checker code after going through the ‘SimpleStreamChecker’ example, and followed the steps to register it. However, I still don’t see the checker when I list all checkers using the clang -cc1 -analyzer-checker-help command. I am assuming I need to compile the checker I’ve written in order for that to happen? If yes, do I need to compile using the make clang option (which takes a long time on my machine)
  2. Where can I find documentation on the available set of visitors I can use to write my checker? ( I saw check:PreCall, check:PostCall, checkPreIfStmt from the example provided, but is there an exhaustive list of such visitors?) Can someone please help me with this? I am sorry if this is a redundant question (please point me towards the available answer if yes). Thanks in advance!