Equality Saturation

Saw this mentioned on Lambda, and thought it was worth pointing out (though I'm betting most of you are Lambda readers). Looks like it's a new approach to mapping out optimizations and picking the best ordering/grouping.


Just watched the video and am settling down to read the paper, and it looks interesting so far. Anyone more well-versed in compiler optimization theory see this and want to comment?



I have completed enough of the Nios2 code generator that I think it is appropriate to bring it into the source tree.

What is the best approach to take? It all sits in one directory, of course: lib/Targets/Nios2.

Besides that directory, the only other change I've made is to configure.

The code generator is complete, but requires more testing.

How should I proceed? Should I commit just the sources to the tree for review and not the changes to the configure system?

How extensive do I need to make the test cases?


As extensive as you care to make them. :slight_smile: The more the better, IMHO.


Please submit the patches to llvmdev for review first. Thanks!