Error when using lldb-mi built with LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON


I’ve built lldb on tag release_38 (3.8.1) with the flag LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON=1 and I’m getting the below error when running lldb-mi:

MI: Error: Driver. LLDB Debugger.

MI: Error: Driver Manager. Driver ‘Machine Interface Driver Version:’ (ID:‘MIDriver’) initialise failed. Driver. LLDB Debugger.

Am I missing something?




Unfortunately, this is a regression introduced in r251082. From that moment lldb-mi requires LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON=0 for showing wide chars: char16/char32 types.

If you cannot enable python support, I suggest you to:

  1. ignore MI_add_summary’s errors by returning TRUE:

Index: tools/lldb-mi/MICmnLLDBDebugger.cpp

Hi Ilia,

Thanks for the reply. I did #1 for our workaround for the time being and opened