Excluding a subdirectory in a test directory

Hi. I have a question on LIT targets.

I see that add_lit_testsuites would iterate through all the subdirectories of the directory specified and add test targets for them.

I would like exclude a subdirectory in ${LLVM_COMPONENT}/test from being tested. Is there a way to achieve that in CMake while still using add_lit_testsuites to include other subdirectories in ${LLVM_COMPONENT}/test? Thanks.

I have found that one way to exclude a subdirectory in LIT is to add the name of the subdirectory you’d like to exclude to config.excludes in the test suite’s lit.cfg.py script.

Look for ‘lit.local.cfg’ files in existing testsuites, they will show an example.
The below link explains how it works.
Probably ‘lit.local.cfg’ containing just
config.unsupported = True
should be sufficient.