Explicit template instantiation, function template specialization, and diagnoses...

The current code base, under Sema::ActOnExplicitInstantiation and Sema::CheckFunctionTemplateSpecialization (in SemaTemplate.cpp), looses information about why a given template argument deduction fails.
I need that to not be the case for better diagnoses in concepts-enabled programs.
I was wondering what the best approach would be at the moment, depending on when the Clang community intends to review that part of the implementation.
Should I go ahead and modify my off-main-branch concepts implementation, or
should I make the change directly into clang’s main branch, or
should I simply give it a moment until that part is reviewed? If so, about how long should I wait.

I find it’d be more beneficial, if I were to do it myself, if I made the changes as globally as possible rather than just within my concepts implementation.

Please let me know what you think.

– Larisse.

I suggest implementing it for inclusion in Clang's main branch, and submitting a patch to cfe-commits. That way, everyone can benefit from this work immediately, and it'll just be That Much Cooler when concepts are involved.

  - Doug