[F18] Bugzilla for Flang post-LLVM merge

Hi all,

Since we’re imminently moving to LLVM we should also move to use the same bug tracking infrastructure as they do.

The LLVM Bugzilla admin team have kindly set up a project for us in bugs.llvm.org; we have split the project at the moment into the components Frontend, FIR and Driver although this can be adjusted if anyone thinks there’s a better separation.

Bugzilla will automatically CC people when new bugs are submitted; at the moment I have just asked for myself to be CC’d as I didn’t want to volunteer anyone else’s email addresses without their permission, if you wouldn’t mind being CC’d on any of those components then please let me know and I will pass on your email address to add to the list.

The current proposal is to move over to the bug tracker that LLVM uses for new bugs, but to leave the currently open issues on the F18 github open so that we don’t have to manually move everything over; I believe this is the same as the approach MLIR took.

David Truby