FCVS Fortran 77 Test Suite

Why not just add them under flang/tests and enable them to be run as they start working? For now check that parsing and semantics works and when we can, enable full compile and execute.


Hi Steve

I think this is a good idea.

The correct place for a test suite like this is in the LLVM Test suite because these are Fortran tests that are compiled to programs that run and print output which is checked for correctness. flang/test would not be the correct place for this because such tests should be confined to the LLVM sub-project boundary. For us, Flang is an LLVM sub-project that parses Fortran and emits LLVM IR (amongst other outputs). Our parsing and semantics tests are Fortran -> error messages or Fortran -> Canonical unparsed Fortran, so inside the Flang sub-project boundary. Our codegen tests in flang/test will be Fortran -> LLVM IR tests, again to stay inside the sub-project boundary.

The process for adding tests to the LLVM test suite is through normal RFC to llvm-dev (for example [1]). You would need to propose FCVS as either an external suite, where just configuration and run scripts are added to the test suite, or an internal suite, where the whole codebase is added as well. The license for FCVS would need to be compatible as you say and I am not sure how that ruling is made. Perhaps start with the RFC and see what responses you get?


[1] http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-August/134833.html