Files to lib/System/Win32

I did successfully compile all those files with VC++ 7.1. Does mingw
come with it's own version of windows.h or are you using the official
Microsoft header files?

Due to legal issues with Microsoft, they (mingw development team) have supplied their own header files to support the win32 API.

To be exact, I use mingws own header files, including their own windows.h. To be honest, I'll suppose a compiling mesh, if I'd use MSs header files :wink:


What's a "compiling mesh?" Anyway, I suspected as much re the legal

Anyway, I avoided bleeding edge stuff like WOW64 for now. Still,
Signals.cpp is going to require some esoteric Structured Exception
Handling stuff and debug symbol table support. Nothing that hasn't been
around for a while, but rarely used by the typical Windows programmer.

Note that you don't HAVE to implement the stack trace printer if you don't
want to... that's just a debugging aid, which is purely optional.
PrintStackTrace doesn't do anything on Unix systems without
HAVE_BACKTRACE, so you don't have to do anything either. Of course, if
it's not hard to implement, it is a nice feature :slight_smile:


It's not hard in the sense that MSDN has sample code that does this.
It's not much more than cut and paste. But I could make it compile
conditionally so that it will compile only with Microsoft's compiler.