Fw:about element size/alignment in an array

Thanks, Tim.

Actually, I am implementing a new backend. The hardware support vector of 512 bits. But vector type should be aligned to 1024 bits in memory. So I added “v512:1024” to datalayout for both clang and llvm.
Unfortunately Clang will crash for some cases. The reason is that, when calculating the size of an array of vector, llvm will consider the alignment of the element of an array, but clang will not. When calculating the size of type [10 x <16 x i32>], llvm considers each element’s store size which aligns each element’s size to its alignment.
After adding “v512:1024” to datalayout, llvm considers the size of [10 x <16 x i32>] to be 10240 bits.
But Clang still considers its size to be 5120 bits. So when this array is in a struct, Clang crashes in CGRecordLowering::clipTailPadding().