[GSoC] Integrate Enzyme into Rust to provide high-performance differentiation in Rust

Hello everyone,

I’m Chuyang Chen, an MSc student majoring in CS at NJU. I’m interested in the GSoC project “Integrate Enzyme into Rust to provide high-performance differentiation in Rust”. It just fits my interest. My research area is software engineering, and the problem I’m working on is relevant to compilation and programming language. I also have a plan to turn to the field of programming language when I apply for a Ph.D. program in the future. These days, I find auto-differentiation, as a sub-field of programming language, interesting, then I see this project. Moreover, I have started programming in Rust since last year. Now I’m using it to write a personal project, a JVM in Rust, through which I got good acquaintance with Rust. A small Rust crate I have contributed to is here, for reference. In terms of C++, I have 5 years of experience with it, since almost all of my course projects and programming homework, after I entered the university, require to be written in C++. I also have had 2 patches submitted to LLVM project, one committed and one under review. In summary, I think this project intriguing and myself qualified for it.

I have been working on this project these days and have contacted the mentor (Mr. William Moses). Now I’m getting myself familiar with the Enzyme project. I send this email to say hello to the community and also to check whether anyone else is working on the same project.

Thank you for reading this!

Chuyang Chen

MSc Student

At Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University