Help reproducing buildbot failures


(Reposting the request to llvm-dev for better visibility)

I had to revert a change today, due to test errors on some buildbots. The errors did seem to only happen on the ppc64be and aarch64 buildbots. I don't have access to a ppc64be setup to test on, but I've tried to build and run in a setup very similar to the one on the aarch64 buildbot, but I can't reproduce the errors there.

The failing test was present in SVN r351801 to r351810, in test/tools/llvm-objcopy/COFF/add-gnu-debuglink.test. The failing test looked like this:

Can someone with access to the buildbots (or similar systems) help reproducing the issue? The test output files and the full output of the commands in the tests would be helpful.

// Martin

I realized I hopefully should be able to debug the issue via the normal testing/buildbot infrastructure, by adding a few more commands in the test that print things to stdout. If the test runs successfully it shouldn't be visible anywhere, and if it fails, it'll give me further clues about what actually went wrong.

I apologize for the extra commit churn this might end up with, but hopefully it'll let me figure this out without waiting for help from the buildbot owners.

// Martin

I managed to solve the issue this way, so no need to manually run tests and extract outputs any longer. Thanks and sorry for the noise.

// Martin