Hi - I'm going to upgrade to the llvm7 ORC JIT

Hello everyone,

I was planning to upgrade Clasp (Common Lisp that uses llvm as the backend and interoperates with C++, https://github.com/clasp-developers/clasp.git) from llvm6 ORC JIT to the llvm7 ORC JIT API. Are there any new documentation resources or examples on the internet to describe the new concurrent llvm7 ORC JIT APIs? My primary source of info was going to be Lang Hames talk at the last llvm developers meeting and the llvm7 source code. Has the Kaleidoscope demo been updated (it appears not yet) or are there any blog posts that I may have missed since the llvm developers meeting last fall?


Hi Christian,

The first chapter of the Building A JIT tutorial has been updated, but I do not recall whether that made it in to LLVM 7.0. Documentation is sparse at the moment, but I will be happy to answer questions.

Kind Regards,