High build time of distribution builds

I am following Building a Distribution of LLVM — LLVM 17.0.0git documentation document for distribution build of LLVM. I am interested in building clang;lld;compiler-rt so I am repurposing the existing example makefiles.
However, a significant amount of time is spent while setting up runtime path LLVM tools. e.g.

– Set runtime path of “/home/work/llvm-dist-install/bin/llvm-objdump” to “$ORIGIN/…/lib”

Is this expected? Has anyone observed this in the past? If so, any tips to improve build time?

Going by CMake/Source/cmFileCommand.cxx at 61bb728c0c874b85620289fd233bd0deb741a27c · Kitware/CMake · GitHub that that message means the set has happened. It has been set rather than it’s setting the path currently.

So when you’re narrowing it down, it might be the step that hasn’t printed anything yet that’s taking the time.

You can easily get detailed info about the build time (assuming you’re already using ninja), see: https://crascit.com/2022/06/24/build-performance-insights/


Thanks guys. I will check the pointers.