how to compile mingw-llvm-gcc in windows

Hello, Dueky

But I could not make a success of compile to the "mingw-llvm-gcc in
I saw binary file "mingw-llvm-gcc for windows" , but I couldn't find
the "how to compile to the mingw-llvm-gcc in windows".

In general, compilation of llvm-gcc for mingw is the same as compilation
of llvm-gcc for any other platform. However, there are bunch of small
glitches here and there due to some windows-specific stuff, etc.

I strongly don't recommend to build llvm-gcc by yourself - use
precompiled binary. Each mingw llvm-gcc version I'm building for the
release goes through some tests ensuring, that everything is ok with it.

However, I'm happy to answer any specific questions about mingw llvm-gcc
compilation. I tried several times "to compile" all available small bits
in some more or less full documentation, but it seems, it cannot cover
even small amount of problems which can be usually seen during such

PS: Another variant can be cross-compilation from linux box.


I had some problems just getting a binary of mingw to run on my Windows box,
so perhaps, if you're willing, a step-by-step "download this, install it
here, download this other, install it here, download this optional piece if
you want X and install it here, now compile and look at what you've
got" kind of installation guide would be helpful. (I got lost between a
couple of the referenced links off of the llvmdev page, and couldn't ever
quite figure out what I needed and in what order. I think I got what I
needed, but....)

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such a guide would indeed be useful. From the mingw/msys website it is not trivial to choose the appropriate version of them - the download page is a bit confusing and triggered the oh-my-god-which-version-to-choose mode for me :wink:

Thus some simple instructions (choose version X etc.) would definitely make building on windows without MSVC much more painless. (And it would also help to include llvm-config in the binary package)

Jan R