How to define class on the fly from LLVM

Hi there,

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I have a code generator project which generates C++ code. But it is somewhat cumbersome, and thus I want to port it to LLVM, i.e. write a compiler directly instead of code generator.

The thing is it uses some STL containers in C++, not to mention the supporting code. Rewriting it into LLVM is simply impractical. There are generated `struct` from the DSL and it is this type passed as template parameter to many containers.

So I'm planning to make use of clang for this part of code, while port the core part to LLVM IR. The problem is that the `struct` is defined in LLVM side now since the DSL syntax differs from C++. But to instantiate templates, I sure have to notify clang of that. My question is hence, how can I define a class on the fly with clang? Which clang framework shall I use?