How to get c++ function demangled name without parameters.

Hi all,

We know that ‘ItaniumDemangle’ has been added into llvm lib to resolve demangling related issues.

And if we dump mangled function name ‘_Z3duti’ into ‘char *llvm::itaniumDemangle(const char *mangled_name, char *buf, size_t *n, int *status)’, we will get ‘dut(int)’.

So my question is:
How can I just get the function name ‘dut’ without parameters, like ‘(int)’, in above case?

(We know that there is a GNU project, named libiberty, which can provide several different demangling types through a demangling option. However, libiberty is an old c lib. So do we have any replacement?)

Hi Fangqing,
llvm::itaniumDemangle() doesn’t yet provide this functionality, but I’m working on adding it in now for the LLDB folks (). I should have a patch up Very Soon! If you would like I can CC you to it. Thanks, Erik

Hi Erik,

It would be great to have it soon!
CC me please.

Thanks a lot!