How to get llvm inline asm operands type?

I am working at a project about inline asm of LLVM, but I meet one problem about asm operands. For example, I have code like this:

int a;
int b;
asm(“nop”: “=r”(a), “r”(b), “g”(30));

I can get asm string “nop” using llvm::InlineAssembly::getAsmString () function, and I also can get constraints “r r imr” information using llvm::InlineAsm::ParseConstraints function and iterate the return value. But my question is I can not get asm operands information, especially asm operarands type(a is integer type, b is interger type, 30 is constant int).

So does anybody know is there any way to get asm operands information?

Best Regards

Wu Zhao