Improve Clang diagnostics 2

Improve Clang diagnostics 2

This project is similar to last year’s “Improve clang diagnostics” project: Improve Clang Diagnostics

The diagnostics clang emits are ultimately its interface to the developer. While the diagnostics are generally good, there are some rough edges that need to be ironed out. Some cases can be improved by special-casing them in the compiler as well.

As one can see from Clang’s issue tracker, there are lots of issues open against clang’s diagnostics.

This project does not aim to implement one big feature but instead focuses on smaller, incremental improvements to Clang’s diagnostics.

Possible issues to resolve:

Or do you have a project in mind to improve the overall visuals of clang’s diagnostics? Open an issue on Github and we can talk about that as well.

Expected Outcomes

At least three fixed smaller diagnostics issues.

Desirable Skills

  • Intermediate C++ knowledge.
  • Preferably experience in the Clang code base, since the issues mentioned can have their root cause in various parts of it.
  • Preferably an already working local LLVM build

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Thanks for your interest in improving Clang’s diagnostics! Improve Clang Diagnostics is an effort, rather than a project, and it’s still ongoing (I would factor this into that effort).

I think any effort to improve what we currently have at a local level will be a win, but it’s best to be aware that the original post is looking to do systematic changes. There’s definitely room for both in this process.

I am interested in this project idea as mentioned in Improve Clang Diagnostics, got familiar by playing with and getting expected warnings in local.
I am looking forward to solve issues as my next step!

Krishna Narayanan

Hi Timm,

I am interested to apply for improving clang diagnostics project.

I was browsing the list of possible issues to resolve but saw three of them already fixed or have patches uploaded. Will that mean we have to select other issues from github issue page and add them to the GSoC proposal.


Yes, the issues I listed here are just examples. You need to find something to work on yourself and list that in the proposal.

Okay, I will go through the list of open issues to find something interested to resolve.