Interest in a Debug Info BoF at EuroLLVM?

Hello debug-info fans,

There has been a lot of activity in the debug-info area lately, and
I was wondering if there's interest in a BoF session this April.
Alternatively we could just have a hacker-lab table again, which
worked out pretty well at the last US meeting.

Some potential discussion topics for the BoF/table could be:

* Improving debugging of optimized code
** Defining what -Og might mean
** How to handled function merging and outlining
** Tactics for finding where passes drop debug info

** tactics for being able to strip/deduplicate DWARF for functions
   that are stripped/deduplicated.

* Tools related to debug info testing/verification
** opt -debugify
** the venerable llvm-dwarfdump
** DIVA (presented last year), other new tools

* DWARF v5 work

I'm happy to make an official proposal to EuroLLVM if there's
interest, otherwise I'm equally happy to hang out at a Hacker Lab


Hi Paul,

I’d definitely be interested in this!