Interest in contributing to LLVM

Hi all,

I am Aditya Kamath, a final year undergrad at IIT Hyderabad. During the past 4 months as part of the compiler course I have been studying and working on LLVM. I have in collaboration with a classmate of mine built a LLVM front-end for the Cool(Classroom Object Oriented Language) using ANTLR. The repo can be found at link.

During the course I have spent time in going through LLVM source code including the lexical analysis and parsing phases, and some of the transformation passes. I also have played with the Kaleidoscope tutorial.
The experience has got me very interested in the field of programming languages and I would like to help the community in the best way I can.

If there is something that I can directly start working, please let me know.


A good start is Bugzilla ( There is a wide
variety of bugs with different degrees of difficulty and required
knowledge. If you have been working with the Clang parser, #21805 looks
nice. There are other cases with crashes-on-invalid, we want to reduce
that or fix them outright. Another topic, but somewhat more boring, is
general Bugzilla cleaning. We have many bug reports with test cases and
it is often unclear if the problem still exists. So going over the bugs
with test cases and retrying them is certainly helpful. Afterwards, add
a comment on which revision you tested :slight_smile:


warning: the same here, this message ended in spam, not sure if it reached the intended audience