Introduction to Common Compiler Tools | LLVM Social Bangalore | Online Only

Hello, everyone. LLVM Social Bangalore is back with another meetup. This time we are hosting a 10 part weekly series on Common Compiler Tools. We will be covering a myriad of topics such as LLVM Project Tools, Godbolt, CReduce, GDB, Clang Tidy/Format, Code Coverage to finding bugs with Sanitizers and Compiler Flags.

The first session will be a gentle introduction to “Compiler Engineering Careers” where we talk about the day to day work of compiler devs, the opportunities in this area and how to grab them. So if you are curious about the world of systems, this is a perfect session for you! There are no prerequisites apart from curiousity. We encourage students, early career professionals and anyone with a zeal to explore something new.

Prerequisites : Anybody with a fascination for Compilers and Programming Languages.

This talk is the first of a ten part series that will cover the below topics:

  • Compiler Engineer Careers

  • Technologies enabled by LLVM

  • Introduction to the LLVM Project Tools

  • Compiler Explorer

  • CReduce

  • Clang Tidy & Clang Format

  • Code Coverage

  • Using LLDB & GDB

  • Finding Bugs with Sanitizers

  • Compiler Flags for Performance and Code Size

Please RSVP here: Introduction to Common Compiler Tools #1 | Online Only, Sat, Jul 22, 2023, 6:30 PM | Meetup


Hello! Is this gonna be recorded and published somewhere?

Yes ig, online events are recorded and publish here LLVM Social Bangalore - YouTube

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The video and slides are online
video: Compiler Engineer Career | Introduction to Common Compiler Tools #1 - YouTube
slides: compiler_engineer_career - Google Slides