Issues with running the LLVMHello Pass on Windows

I was trying to write a LLVM Pass, so I first read about how to write a llvm pass. Here, under setting up the build environment settings, it was instructed to configure and build LLVM directly inside the LLVM source tree rather than in a separate objects directory.
Now, my LLVM source tree is C:\LLVM\llvm-2.9 while my build is in C:\LLVM\llvm-2.9\BUILD ( as per the instructions given here ).
So, I decided to delete my build and rebuild it directly inside the LLVM source directory ( C:\LLVM\llvm-2.9 ) and I read this page on how to build LLVM using CMake But, this page says that “CMake is not supported to build LLVM on the source directory”. Do they not contradict each other?
I have been trying to build LLVM and run this Hello pass ( C:\LLVM\llvm-2.9\lib\Transforms\Hello) for quite some time and tried many methods, but sadly without successful results. Can someone please give me the correct and tested steps about 1. how to configure and build LLVM in windows 2. how to run an LLVM pass in Windows.

There is no *correct and tested* step.
For now;

1) CMake build does not handle plugins.
2) configure --enable-shared would be needed. (--enable-optimized
would be needed too)
3) You might need --enable-embed-stdcxx
4) You should build Hello manually after building llvm-shlib.
  $ make -C lib/Transforms/Hello

I have not checked recently if they could work.
Lemme know if you met any faults.