lib/CodeGen/AsmPrinter/DwarfDebug.h:131: void llvm::DbgVariable::addMMIEntry(const llvm::DbgVariable&): Assertion `V.Var == Var && "conflicting variable"' failed.

David, Dean, all,

The bots got red today with assertion failures in llvm::DbgVariable::addMMIEntry:
I did not find the offender yet. Any ideas?

I give it 99% odds it was r302483. Let’s revert and debug it tomorrow.


I take it back, that build doesn’t have that revision. It could be r302461, which is from the first failing build:

That revision is much safer, though. I am rebuilding with debug info enabled. First I ran check-msan without RelWithDebInfo, and of course I didn’t reproduce the problem.

This wasn’t either of my changes, it was actually Adrian’s r302469, which Hans reverted this morning. See

Thanks again! The bots are delighted :slight_smile: