link error in building clang

Hi there

I got hit by a link error in building clang.

llvm[4]: Linking Debug+Asserts executable clang
collect2: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]

The llvm + clang + compiler-rt code is downloaded from svn
The host system is ubuntu and the version of gcc is 4.4.0?

Any help is appreciated.

It looks like an out of memory error. Idk what else would cause your process to get a SIGKILL other than that.

Hi, Sean,

thanks for response.

I tried in VirtualBox + Ubuntu with memory 512M and MingW with WinXP. the physical memory in my laptop is 1G.

Yeah, that seems like it is the problem. The debug executable is gigantic (I don’t have one compiled right now, but I recall 100s of MB).

I'm also running Ubuntu under VirtualBox and as I can recall
Debug+Asserts couldn't be linked until I allocated 2GB of memory for
my virtual machine (+ swap partition of same size). If you don't have
that much physical memory you can try creating a larger swap partition
(say 4GB), but don't be surprised if it takes much longer to link.
Link time is very long even when using RAM.

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My interpretation of that is that he supposes that linking just the parser would take less memory, since that’s all he intends to use. Unfortunately, that’s not really possible AFAIK.

My recommendation is to try building just a Release build. You can do that with

./configure --enable-optimized --disable-assertions
That should produce object files that are much smaller. If that works, try a Release+Asserts build. You may also want to just install a binary package: sudo apt-get install clang and such, although those packages might be a bit outdated.

–Sean Silva