LLDB on Linux


At the LLVM meeting today someone mentioned a webpage with status information about the status on of LLDB on Linux. Is that website available on the public internet or is it an Intel internal site?

Also is anyone using LLDB on Linux for to debug code they are working on. I tried using it about 6 months ago because I was looking for something better than gdb for multithreaded code, but LLDB on Linux did not seem stable enough to be useful at that time. It sounds like a great project based on the work done for OS X, and if basic functionality was available for Linux I suspect a lot of people would try using it.


Hi Gabriel,

The status page in question was committed a very short time ago, so if you look at:


You should get an idea of what works on Linux and what still needs some work. Unfortunately, multi-threaded debugging (outside of Mac OS X) is one use-case that is not completely working yet :frowning: but one that we hope to address.