LLDBWrapPython.cpp missing message

Hi folks

I've been having trying to get the lldb python tests working. My setup is linux Fedora Core 20 64 bit. I tried to follow some of Todd Fiala's troubleshooting tips earlier using the autoconf/make route, and I got bogged down with some faults (see [lldb-dev] Problems running the lldb tests on Fedora Core 20 - 64bit (email originally titled "Add kalimba as a platform.").

So I thought I'd try the cmake/ninja route and see if things are different. I invoked cmake as follows:


However then I see the following diagnostic from cmake:

-- Configuring done
CMake Warning (dev) at tools/lldb/source/CMakeLists.txt:297 (add_dependencies):
   Policy CMP0046 is not set: Error on non-existent dependency in
   add_dependencies. Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0046" for policy details.
   Use the cmake_policy command to set the policy and suppress this warning.

   The dependency target
   "/home/mg11/src/p4play/build/tools/lldb/scripts/LLDBWrapPython.cpp" of
   target "liblldb" does not exist.
This warning is for project developers. Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.

-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/mg11/src/p4play/build

So should I be alarmed by

   The dependency target
   "/home/mg11/src/p4play/build/tools/lldb/scripts/LLDBWrapPython.cpp" of
   target "liblldb" does not exist.


What does this mean?


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Hmm, that file I believe is the wrapper generated by the swig bindings-generator library.

I don’t think that is an issue and is expected (?), although I don’t remember seeing it. Typically I run with -Wno-dev unless I’m modifying the cmake files. This warning may have creeped in more recently, but I don’t think it represents an error. There may be a way to tell cmake that this file is generated and won’t exist yet. (That might be the issue - cmake may not be told that it is generated by the swig binding generator step, which itself is hidden behind a script invocation I think). We can probably clean up that warning with a little work, but for now you can either ignore it or add the -Wno-dev to block it from sight.


LLDBWrapPython.cpp is a generated file. It’s normal that the file doesn’t exist if you’re doing a clean build. But it’s unusual that it’s calling “/home/mg11/src/p4play/build/tools/lldb/scripts/LLDBWrapPython.cpp” a target, and not a file. I’m also not sure why I’ve never seen this message before, maybe it’s platform specific? Still, my first thought is that there’s a bug in the CMake, because that shouldn’t be a target, it should be a file, which is generated when building some other target. Either way, I would suggest just trying to debug the CMake a little. Find the target that supposedly generates that file, then find the place where add_dependency is called. Make sure that the dependency is specifying the target and not the file.

Ok, thanks.

Zachary Turner wrote: