LLVM 11.1.0 Release

LLVM 11.1.0 is now available! Download it now, or read the release notes.

This release contains bug-fixes for the LLVM 11.0.1 release. This
is a special release that was made to correct an inadvertent ABI change
to libclang.so in 11.0.1. libclang.so in 11.1.0 is ABI compatible with
libclang.so <= 10 and libclang.so >=12, but not with 11.0.1 or 11.0.0.

Binaries and sources for 11.1.0 can be found on GitHub:

LLVM 11.1.0 would not be possible without the help of our volunteer
release team! Thanks to all the release testers:

Hans Wennborg, Dimitry Andric, Tobias Hieta, Diana Picus, Albion Fung,
Brian Cain, Michał Górny

Also, a big thanks to everyone else who helped identify critical bugs,
track down bug-fixes, and resolve merge conflicts.

If you have questions or comments about this release, please contact
the LLVMdev mailing list!

LLVM 11.0.1 Release Announcement: