LLVM 14.0.0 Release Schedule


Here is the proposed release schedule for LLVM 14.0.0

  • Feb 1: release/14.x branch created
  • Feb 4: 14.0.0-rc1
  • March 1: 14.0.0-rc2
  • March 15: 14.0.0-final

I will post this on the website in a few days if there are no objections.


@tstellar Is this still the plan? I don’t see the schedule posted on llvm.org.

I just posted the schedule.

Does the schedule fall behind? I saw 13.0.1 was just released.

Update: I’m going to push -rc1 back to Feb 8. There was a little delay in getting some of the automation working, but I’ve got it up and running now so I have time to start backporting patches.

@tstellar are you still going to add a llvmorg-15-init tag at the start of llvm 15? That would be on commit a2601c98873376bbbeff4b6eddf0f4d920535f8b, where you bumped the major version.

Thanks for reminding me. I just pushed the tag.