LLVM 14.0.4 Release

LLVM 14.0.4 is now available. This release is a bug-fix release and is API and ABI compatible with 14.0.0.

Note that we have adopted a new release schedule for the project , so there will be a new bug-fix release (14.0.x) every 2 weeks. 14.0.5 is the last planned release, but we may do a 14.0.6 release if there are critical issues found in 14.0.5.

Releases sources and binaries can be found on the release page .

Below is the full list of changes since 14.0.3:

29f1039a7285 [CUDA][HIP] Externalize kernels with internal linkage
e6de9ed37308 [CUDA][HIP] Externalize kernels in anonymous name space
fecfc8394484 AST: Move __va_list tag back to std conditionally on AArch64.
725d57c39039 AST: Make getEffectiveDeclContext() a member function of ItaniumMangleContextImpl. NFCI.
0009cdbd8a3a [clang][NFC] Remove IgnoreLinkageSpecDecls
53eaee6bf3b3 [clang][NFC] Standard substitution checking cleanup
c81f3d00cbd4 [AVR] Generate ‘rcall’ instead of ‘call’ on avr2 and avr25
5f6fe6b93e85 [AVR] Fix incorrect calling convention for varargs functions
42fe7ccbeb44 [SystemZ] Bugfix for symbolic displacements.
f45a01e4a170 [libc++][CI] added XFAIL LIBCXX-AIX-FIXME to new runnning test cases after install locale fileset on AIX OS.
55e34f3b49b1 [libc++] Always enable the ranges concepts
5f66e721ec1d [ELF][ARM] Fix unneeded thunk for branches to hidden undefined weak
3bfae7816bdb Fix crash getting name of a template decl
76c1c1dd2a01 [OpenMP] Fix library path missing when using OpenMP
588b95a2b88e [ELF][AArch64] Fix unneeded thunk for branches to hidden undefined weak
e70d79f1e8c0 [ELF] Ignore --no-add-needed
7a42b2fd5be3 [BOLT] Compact legacy profiles
d6319246f89b [CodeGen] Use ABI alignment for C++ new expressions
daef3113e819 [compiler-rt] Add NO_EXEC_STACK_DIRECTIVE on s390x
c65b0cd2421d [GlobalIsel] Fix fallback if stack protector isn’t supported.
cda300eab8dd [Driver][Solaris] -r: imply -nostdlib like GCC
9827a185b611 [Driver][Ananas] -r: imply -nostdlib like GCC
087082a828ff [cmake] Increase -fms-compatibility-version in Windows toolchain file
c56415735060 [SystemZ] Bugfix in SystemZTargetLowering::combineINT_TO_FP()
be653f6292e7 [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - don’t fold to truncate(concat(V1,V2)) if it was already a PACK op
52528806579b [AArch64] Ampere1 does not support MTE
53433dd0b503 [AArch64] Support for Ampere1 core
c6d56a324ef8 [AArch64] Add native CPU detection for Ampere1
60c8e02c9d12 [IPSCCP] Support unfeasible default dests for switch.
0108630f8bc5 [InstCombine] Fix scalable-vector bitwise select matching
39e909731a11 [InstCombine] add scalable vector test for logical select; NFC
cd597588217a [HIP] Fix HIP include path
50d4a84152c6 Fix test for c7ee0b8bda8b32a800bc01e9151b364446a6e1b1
869c1d7d0902 [Clang] Fix the guaranteed alignment of memory returned by malloc/new on OpenBSD
5c4cf01f47da [Driver][Linux] Remove D.Dir+"/…/lib" from default search paths for LLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES builds
f3f90ec42ae6 [MC][ELF] Improve st_size propagation rule
9ed930e5cd74 [MC][test] Improve offset.s
5eb22621bcd2 Bump version to 14.0.4
019d4f1ceb96 [libc++abi] Remove XFAIL on arm64

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