LLVM 15.0.0 Release

I am very pleased to announce that LLVM 15.0.0 is now available to download!

Release Notes


  • Binaries and sources can be found on GitHub. The binaries will be uploaded as release testers finish - so check back later if you don’t see the one you where looking for.
  • Sources and tags are signed with my GPG key that can be found on the Release Page


This release wouldn’t have been possible without our release testers: @hansw2000 @rovka @amy-kwan @mgorny @sylvestre @rorth @DimitryAndric @jakeegan @bero @dongsheng - give them all a round of applause!

Huge thanks to everyone that have been triaging and fixing issues during the RC, Your speedy testing and fixing have made this release better!

Special thanks to Tom Stellar and Hans Wennborg for guiding me through the process of making a LLVM release and for trusting me with this important job and to Anton Korobeynikov for helping me get access and answering all my questions.

Bug reporting and next release

Please file bugs and add them to the 15.0.1 milestone in GitHub. The plan is to release 15.0.1 in two weeks the 20th of September and following 15.0.2 two weeks after that.


Some interesting stats about the 15.0.0 release since 14.0.0

  • 36333 commits
  • 61655 files has been changed
  • 5433298 insertions and 3303530 deletions
  • 1622 unique authors

It’s not listed on the download page. Not sure if it makes sense to maintain that page for each release since it just links to GitHub for all recent releases:

Huh. Thanks for noticing. I’ll figure something out - there are so many manual places to update!

So… There are “aarch64-linux” and “armv7a-linux” prebuilt, but no “x86_64-linux” anymore?

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I would also be interested in x86_64-linux prebuilt versions for 15.0.0, like the one available for the 14.0.0 release. I think it would be useful to also provide these prebuilt versions for minor versions (14.0.x, 15.0.x).

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I think the tricky part is to find someone to do it and to do it for a distribution that will work for many other people. The way we handle pre-built binaries it’s up to the release testers to build and upload them. But if anyone is willing to do it, they can reach out to me and I can walk them through it.

When I do a SLE 15 SP4 release, it hangs with 2 tests left, any idea ? How can I skip them ?

I don’t think that this thread is a good place to ask such questions, this forum section is about Announcements.

Well it is just strange to not to have x86_64 linux prebuilt while there are aarch64 one. And I was not able to find an answer in google, so asked here.
Also, I thought llvm can be built with portable libc now and be widely compatible.

I think it’s a good goal and many would agree. But someone would have to dedicate the time and the resources to make it happen.

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OK I am willing to help in the testing to generate x86_64 binaries. How can I help?

Here is the documentation: How To Validate a New Release — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation

If anyone have more questions or problems - please make a new topic in the release testers category. We should keep this discussion out of the announcements.