LLVM 17.0.0-rc4 tagged

Hi everyone!

I just tagged 17.0.0-rc4. Please test and upload binaries. I expect this to be the last release candidate before the final in two weeks.

Let’s try to be quick with filing any blockers. Thanks.

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Windows is ready. No issues. Hashes:

C:\src>certutil -hashfile llvm_package_17.0.0-rc4\build32\LLVM-17.0.0-rc4-win32.exe sha256
SHA256 hash of llvm_package_17.0.0-rc4\build32\LLVM-17.0.0-rc4-win32.exe:
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

C:\src>certutil -hashfile llvm_package_17.0.0-rc4\build64\LLVM-17.0.0-rc4-win64.exe sha256
SHA256 hash of llvm_package_17.0.0-rc4\build64\LLVM-17.0.0-rc4-win64.exe:
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

These were built with

llvm-project\llvm\utils\release\build_llvm_release.bat --version 17.0.0-rc4 --x86 --x64

At beb339c0ef8b0971fbb461d8a041a7514e0e5804 (same as rc2 and rc3).

I’ve now uploaded Solaris/amd64 and Solaris/sparcv9 tarballs:

00c680f18e6e51196a7a0d1b8d9aee1eb22aa5d1d619684436cdcca365df91ed  clang+llvm-17.0.0-rc4-amd64-pc-solaris2.11.tar.xz
84cc301dc558b0dc3fa16ec0d94b4c6f9b056ac805ee24726f6806170ea324c6  clang+llvm-17.0.0-rc4-sparcv9-sun-solaris2.11.tar.xz

No change on amd64, two failures down on sparcv9. However, the test-suite is missing this time. The log shows

llvmorg-17.0.0-rc4 not found in test-suite repo, test-suite disabled.
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PowerPC Linux tarball uploaded:

f4831db4ec2231ebd53c1e96c6fc097d999160d0  clang+llvm-17.0.0-rc4-powerpc64le-linux-rhel-8.8.tar.xz

Couple of new sanitizer failures:
AddressSanitizer-powerpc64le-linux :: TestCases/throw_invoke_test.cpp
AddressSanitizer-powerpc64le-linux-dynamic :: TestCases/throw_invoke_test.cpp

Missing test-suite as well.

I have uploaded following builds:




AArch64 Linux build passed with following test results:

Testing Time: 2804.91s
Skipped : 62
Unsupported : 5607
Passed : 111970
Expectedly Failed: 314
Timed Out : 20
Failed : 25

No regressions since except one:

BOLT :: runtime/instrumentation-indirect-2.c

AArch64 Windows build passed with following tests results:

Testing Time: 6669.55s
Skipped : 64
Unsupported : 3925
Passed : 97849
Expectedly Failed: 222

Two failures in rc3 are now fixed.

Arm Linux build still has some failures:

Testing Time: 13738.18s
Skipped : 73
Unsupported : 4308
Passed : 106062
Expectedly Failed: 296
Unresolved : 1
Failed : 125

I’ve just uploaded the Linux/sparc64 rc4 tarball:

b354352343c8204ce2a0ce6b8063c928e2105f205cf14fe7694b19343e96ca0c  clang+llvm-17.0.0-rc4-sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.xz

No regressions compared to rc3.

Here is a summary of LLVM test results (failures) on x86_64 Linux:

LLVM Debian 11 Debian 12 RHEL 7 RHEL 8 SLES 15 Amazon Linux 2023
15.0.7 71 75 73 78 73
16.0.6 80 85 83 79 77
17.0.0-rc3 162 161 169 164 168 164
17.0.0-rc4 162 161 169 164 168 164

Compared to version 17.0.0-rc3, no regressions.

PowerPC (AIX 7.2) binaries uploaded. Missing test-suite here too.

27f591c682f07a658bef6f1059e5b8950d1f141b  clang+llvm-17.0.0-rc4-powerpc64-ibm-aix-7.2.tar.xz