LLVM 2.9 Release!

Hi LLVM Friends, Fans, Followers and Fanatics,

LLVM 2.9 is out, get it while it is fresh and steaming!
http://llvm.org/releases/ and read about it here:

This release includes 6 months of development that provide major
enhancements and new features over the LLVM 2.8 release. LLVM 2.9
includes much better optimization and code generation than LLVM 2.8
(particularly for modern ARM targets), improved support for C++'0x in
Clang, and a much more mature LLDB (see http://lldb.llvm.org/).

The LLVM 2.9 release notes cover the new features in LLVM in depth.
Some of the major features include integrated assembler support for ELF
targets (allowing direct object file writing), substantial improvements
for Link Time Optimization (LTO) which make it build faster and able to
compile large apps like Firefox 4, automatic recognition of memset and
memcpy loops, debugging optimized code improvements, infrastructure for
region based optimizations, better use of condition code registers, and
progress on a major register allocator rewrite.

One particularly notable aspect of this release is that it is the last
of the 2.x series. One planned change in 3.0 is that we plan to drop
the llvm-gcc 4.2 compiler. The Clang project provides a better solution
for C based languages and the DragonEgg project provides a good solution
for people interested in integrating LLVM with mainline GCC.

This release would not be possible without our volunteer release team.
Thanks to our release manager Bill Wendling, as well as Duncan Sands,
Anton Korobeynikov, Dimitry Andric, and NAKAMURA Takumi for their work
to qualify and shepherd the release. If you have questions or comments
about this release, please contact the LLVMdev mailing list! Onward to
LLVM 3.0!


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