LLVM Blog: https://blog.llvm.org/posts/2022-01-07-moving-to-discourse/

There is a new blog post on the LLVM blog - Improving LLVM Infrastructure - Part 1: Mailing lists.

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Is there any plan (or has there been any discussion) for the role of discord vs. discourse? The blog post doesn’t mention discord (except to note that there’s a category on discourse for it).

I think the very similar names are certainly no help, and presumably, discourse could also fill the roles of discord? Or are those planned to keep operating in parallel for the foreseeable future / indefinitely?

I don’t think they fill the same roles. Discord is more real-time and I feel like discourse is better for longer more in-depth discussions for RFC’s etc. It’s much easier to have a more permanent discussion in discourse for example. While discord is a much better place for people to collaborate in real-time.

I see the need for both of them.

I think this is a really good comparison between Discourse and Discord: Discord and Discourse - Better Together | Blog

I don’t want to go into a full discussion here as with the 2 names, its very confusing and this blog post isn’t about Discord. Further discussion should go in the Project Infrastructure → Discord category just to avoid confusion. Thanks!


OK, thanks for the clarification.