LLVM-C bindings tutorial?

I am just about to start a toy project with llvm through the C bindings and
would like to know if there are any up to date tutorials for the C bindings
specifically. I would like to learn from something like the Kaleidoscope
tutorials but with in C. I know the ocaml version of that tutorial uses the
C bindings but i dont want to learn enough ocaml just so i can figure out
how the current llvm c bindings are to be used.

Now i am not sure how different the C bindings actually are from C++ but i
am sure due to the lack of classes alone there is some differences
significant enough to warrant some info on how to either convert C++ llvm to
C or specific llvm c tutorials or usage information.

If someone can point me to the actual llvm-c binding documentations that
might help but i still want something more useful on its usage. Apologies if
i am being dim.