LLVM Code of Conduct - Current status, patch for review, and next steps

Hi everyone,

We wanted to give you an update on the LLVM Code of Conduct history and next steps.

The LLVM Code of Conduct was checked into the repository in “draft” mode in June 2016. You can read about the history here and it includes links to past discussions. We have been using and enforcing this Code of Conduct for almost 5 years at LLVM events and for all LLVM Project spaces.

The remaining steps in policy were to document the full incident reporting and response guide and decide the Code of Conduct committee. We introduced a draft of these documents back in February 2020. We took in all the feedback at that time and made revisions to the documents.

Recently a Code of Conduct incident report was received that required us to test the process. This caused us to make a few revisions to the document that relaxed some of the time guidelines to allow for more flexibility in gathering information and coordinating among volunteers in different time zones.

We sent out a call for Code of Conduct committee nominations in May 2021, but we haven’t defined a new committee yet. In the absence of that, the LLVM Foundation Board of Directors has been the acting committee for any Code of Conduct incident reports received. We desire to have a committee that includes a diverse group of individuals from the LLVM project and potentially outside the project as well. A subset of the LLVM Foundation Board has met with a few potential committee members and this process is moving forward.

We have submitted a patch to Phabricator (⚙ D122937 Provide the complete response and reporting Code of Conduct documentation. Remove the word draft from all documents, add information about the CoC committee expectations and add a place for transparency reports.) that removes the word Draft from the Code of Conduct and updates the incident reporting guide and response documents. It also adds details on expectations when serving on the Code of Conduct committee. Please review the patch and add comments in Phabricator or on Discourse. We wanted to post here to bring attention to the patch and make sure everyone knew what was happening and to also address any lingering questions.

The patch will be committed when it is ready, but it will take some more time to revise the CoC committee membership. Stay tuned for more details on that.

The LLVM Foundation Board of Directors


Wanted to explicitly state my support for this change. I have read over the review, and do not see anything of concern. Making the CoC official is rather overdue at this point, and I’m glad to see it finally happening.

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+1, I’m strongly supportive of moving forward here!

I hope to commit the patch this week. Please add any comments ASAP. Thanks!