llvm-cov gcov correct options ?

Hi All,

I am using llvm-cov in gcov mode. The options, as given below, work when using llvm 3.5 but do not when using latest svn llvm/clang 3.7. I cannot find the correct alternatives to this set of options for llvm 3.7. I know I can use gnu gcov or use -fprofile-instr-generate but I am hoping you can tell me the correct options for 3.7 clang and llvm-cov gcov or has the llvm-cov/clang in gcov mode been deprecated ?

I have been trying the following:

begin test.cpp**
int foo()
return 0;

int main()
end test,cpp

begin bash*
$ clang -g -O0 --coverage test.cpp -o test
$ ./test
$ llvm-cov gcov test.cpp

$ Unexpected number of edges (in _Z3foov).
$ Invalid .gcda File!

$clang -g -O0 --coverage -Xclang -coverage-cfg-checksum -Xclang -coverage-no-function-names-in-data -Xclang -coverage-version=‘402*’ test.cpp -o test
$ ./test
$ llvm-cov gcov test.cpp

$ Unexpected end of memory buffer: 270637176.
$ Invalid .gcno File!
end bash*

Thanks in advance for your help,

Pierre Gousseau
SN Systems - Sony Computer Entertainment