llvm-dev Digest, Vol 152, Issue 83

Actually I think now is a good timing to start including LLD as a OS
package as it got mature enough to be used in daily basis. Our release
schedule and version number are coupled with the entire LLVM release, so it
is LLD 4.0, but if it were an independent project, we'd probably be
seriously thinking about naming it LLD 1.0 this time.

I think it may worth to update information on next page:

It says: "The ELF support is in progress and is able to link large programs such as Clang or LLD itself. Unless your program depends on linker scripts, you can expect it to be linkable with LLD. ...".
I noticed that people are sharing this link when talk about LLD. It may lead to little misunderstanding, since I think linkerscripts are not a problem anymore. Also probably wording "in progress" may be changed so something more close to "mostly complete" ?


The document is outdated and needs updating. That's my negligence. I'm
planning to update/rewrite that.