[LLVM-DEV'23] ML-Guided Compiler Optimization in LLVM Workshop

Hello all,

Continuing from the pre-announcement, the workshop will be on Tuesday, Oct 10 2023, in the afternoon (so half-day workshop) - keep an eye on the Dev Meeting Agenda. For convenience, here’s the registration link.

As discussed, the workshop format is essentially unconference. We will use the first ~1 hr or so for quick talks - 5 or so minutes - by folks that want to share new results, or ongoing work, or set the stage for discussing a position or a topic. Then we can identify topics for roundtable discussions. At the end, the round table participants present the main summary or outcomes of their discussion. We will post back on discourse this collage of summaries.

If you have topics you want discussed, feel free to message the organizers [1], if you haven’t already.

If you plan to present in the first part of the workshop - same as above, if you can please let us [1] know by Sept. 30, so we make sure we have budgeted the time correctly.

Last, if you want to attend but there’s no way you can make it in person, please also let us know and we see what we can do.

Thank you, and looking forward to seeing us all on Oct. 10th!

[1] @mtrofin @jdoerfert