Llvm-lit -vv broken?

llvm-lit -vv (aka --echo-all-commands) is documented as: Echo all commands to stdout, as they are being executed.

However this does not seem to work for me:

$ ~/llvm-release/bin/llvm-lit -vv test/CodeGen/X86/pr1462.ll 
-- Testing: 1 tests, 1 workers --
PASS: LLVM :: CodeGen/X86/pr1462.ll (1 of 1)

Testing Time: 0.02s
  Passed: 1

Am I missing something? Has it always been broken?

I guess that the intent is probably an extension of -v, which provides extra information on failure.
It’s not clear from the docs though.

It seems that -vv only prints the commands if the test fails (here). To print all output regardless of the test failing or not, you have to use the -a flag.

Thanks. I’ve tried to clarify the docs: ⚙ D143586 [Docs] Clarify behavior of llvm-lit -vv

I still find the interaction of -v, -vv and -a confusing.