I can't seem to get an external function to my IR be resolved after
declaring it with external linkage. Its segfaulting. Using mingw32 qt
and the C API for LLVM. Trying to interpret it fails saying program
used an unknown external function. Any assistance?

Any assistance?

Yes, with pleasure.
Could you please share more details about your setup?
I.e., which ORC layers do you use? how do you load bitcode/IR into it? how your resolvers look like?
More information you provide more precise the answer could be.


Unfortunately, I did not use ORC JIT’s C API, so at this point it would be helpful if you could compose an example that reproduces the problem.
Could you extract the example from your code and give a link to it? gist/pastebin/whatever else would be sufficient.
Also, which OS and which version of LLVM do you use?