Loop-Unroll optimization


The loop that I am trying it on is:
for(i=0; i< 1000; i++)
c[i] = a[i] + b[i];

I can't find any benefit unrolling this loop.

I just want to try loop-unroll and see corresponding changes in the bitcode file. For that any loop will do. Have you been able to test llvm loop-unroll successfully?

Hi, you need to run some optimization passes first. (like -O2)

2011/5/3 Manish Gupta <mgupta.iitr@gmail.com>

You mean like

llvm-gcc-4.2 -O2 -emit-llvm Hello.c -c -o Hello.bc

But still i am not able to observe any effect on bit code by running

opt-2.8 -loop-unroll Hello.bc -o Hello_unroll.bc


You might want to try running -loops -loop-simplify before loop unroll.

From loop simplify.cpp

This pass performs several transformations to transform natural loops into a
00011 // simpler form, which makes subsequent analyses and transformations simpler and
00012 // more effective.


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Chihong Zhang

Even after all the sequence of commands below bit-code is not showing any effect of loop-unrolling

manish@manish:~/Test2$ llvm-gcc-4.2 -O2 -emit-llvm Hello.c -c -o Hello.bc

manish@manish:~/Test2$ opt-2.8 -loops Hello.bc -o Hello1.bc
manish@manish:~/Test2$ opt-2.8 -loopsimplify Hello1.bc -o Hello2.bc
manish@manish:~/Test2$ opt-2.8 -indvars Hello2.bc -o Hello3.bc
manish@manish:~/Test2$ opt-2.8 -loop-unroll Hello3.bc -o Hello4.bc
manish@manish:~/Test2$ llvm-dis-2.8 Hello4.bc

My Hello.c looks like:

for(i=0; i< 1000; i++)
c[i] = a[i] + b[i];

printf("%d\n", c[999]);

  1. You should run the passes in the same opt command, for passes like loops which is an analysis pass provides results to the following passes.

  2. You can pass a -debug flag to opt to see the some debugging info.

  3. I tried this
    opt -mem2reg -loops -loopsimplify -loop-unroll -unroll-count=3 -debug loop.o -o tt.bc

and got this message.

Loop Size = 14
Can’t unroll; loop not terminated by a conditional branch.

  1. Looking at LoopUnroll.cpp showed a comment that said -loop-rotate helps, so I used the following

opt -mem2reg -loops -loopsimplify -loop-rotate -lcssa -loop-unroll -unroll-count=3 -debug loop.o -o tt.bc

Getting an unrolled version of the loop.


Awesome! I am getting the unroll version of the loop.

But I have no -debug option with my opt command (I have a Debug build)?