Meetup/Social in India

Hi Folks,

We are a group of LLVM compiler developers in Hyderabad area. Considering few previous mail about meetups in India, we are planning to organize LLVM meetups in India evry monthly or bimonthly in the best interest of other developers. Based on the concentration of developers Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad are the location we have in mind. Interested folks please reply stating ur opinion/views on this.


I’d be interested in attending and helping organise the Hyderabad meetup.


Me too in Pune. Few questions:

  1. How are going to manage expenses? Will it be fully participant-funded?

  2. Meetup and Socials should be separate. Meetups could mean just hanging-out with devs over a cup of coffee whereas social should have formal agenda(keynote/talks/presentations etc.)

  3. Frequency should be once in 6 months for socials. Monthly or bi-monthly may not be feasible for devs who are located remotely.