Missing -Wparentheses warning

Im looking at an old minor bug for “Missing -Wparentheses warning” where clang do not warning for a missing parentheses in the case of “assert(x && val == 4 || (!x && val == 5));” whereas GCC would complain about missing parentheses for x && val == 4.


The following comments are found in the code so it seems like a conscious decision.
// Warn about arg1 || arg2 && arg3, as GCC 4.3+ does.
// We don’t warn for ‘assert(a || b && “bad”)’ since this is safe.

And since we never warn on macros

if (Opc == BO_LOr && !OpLoc.isMacroID()/* Don't warn in macros. */)

yes, you could follow the link https://reviews.llvm.org/D47687
I made this patch. You could see some comments about that


Oh! So if I’m not misstaken this is already fixed? If so you might be the right person to handle the bug report?

Br. Mattias