Module *m replaced by td::unique_ptr<Module> & code completion

Hi all,

reading-bitcode-file-into-a-module examples use

Module *m= parseIRFile("myFile.bc", SMDiagnostic &Err, LLVMContext &Context)

compiling this I get an error, because (3.6) IRReader.cpp has
std::unique_ptr<Module> llvm::parseIRFile(StringRef Filename, SMDiagnostic
&Err, LLVMContext &Context)

so using std::unique_ptr<Module> m =... instead of Module *m works.

However with Module *m, I have working code completion, which is not true
with std::unique_ptr<Module>.
Is this a shortcoming of my environment (I'm testing QtCreator at the
moment)? Could it be fixed?


This is a bug in Qt when using default c++ code model