msvc 1900

Hi ,

we do succeed compiling clang trunk using msvc 19.00.22229.1 (aka ctp 4)

this update (unlike 19.00.22013.1 aka ctp3) requires LLVM_NOEXCEPT to be defined
as noexcept as it is done when _MSC_VER is not defined in llvm/Support/compiler.h )

I’m aware this is the cfe dev mailing list .
Could the definition be made msvc version dependent ?

btw the trunk compiles smoothly using gcc 4.9.1.


Sure. I’d like to understand why noexcept is required, though.

my bad the version number is 22129.1
Here’s cl 22192.1 output


Makes sense. I’ll try to commit this when I get to it.