New flag for C++Next

As many of you know, the committee sent C++17 for ISO approval, so any further features voted (including a few other extensions that we have) are likely targeted for a "C++20" or so. I was wondering if there was going to be another 'temporary' flag (ala c++1x,y,z), and what it was going to be? Are we starting back over at 'x', continuing to 'a', or forgoing it entirely?


Do we know what GCC is going to do?

– HT

I don’t know personally, though googling doesn’t really give me any hint.

Just thought maybe we could be the first to the punch here J

It is clear to me that it should be -std=c+±2ź.
But to be serious, it make sense to have some sort of -std=c+±next.
The other idea is that probably there won’t be more than 3 standars in next decade, so starting with C++2x should be sufficient.


I think we should go with 20a rather than 20x, because we may run out of letters otherwise when sticking to a 3yr cycle. However, we should coordinate with the gcc folks to be consistent.