New PM custom arguments

Hi, I am adapting a pass plugin for opt to the new Pass Manager and everything is fine but the arguments that this pass requires. The next line works with the legacy PM and --xxx (or whatever) is understood:
cl::opt OutputFilename(“xxx”, cl::desc(“This is a parameter”), cl::value_desc(“xxx”));
But this is not the case for the new PM. What can I do?
I have read an answer to a similar question that suggests to build the pass inside LLVM, but there should be a better way to accept
arguments. Other than that, I can’t find anything about this issue.


This has come up on llvm-dev before. Min-Yih Hsu gives a really good explanation here: [llvm-dev] New PM, opt and command line options

The easiest fix for this is to use the Legacy Pass Manager. Otherwise, IIUC, opt would have to be updated to accommodate for this use case.