New PM for target-specific pre-isel IR passes


Is there a mechanism in place to use the new pass manager with target-specific passes added (at the moment) via addIRPasses in TargetPassConfig?

I did see any code related to that, did I miss something? Is it in plan?

That’s part of the codegen pipeline and not the optimization pipeline (even though they are IR passes). ychen is working on making the codegen pipeline work with the new pass manager, but that is not part of the immediate new pass manager transition, which is just about the optimization pipeline.

Hello Krzysztof,

Yes, there is a plan to use the new pass manager for both target-specific IR and MIR passes. There will be a new class (counterpart to TargetPassConfig) to let target addIRPasses ( The TargetPassConfig is and will continue to be specific to legacy pass manager though.