No C++ SB API for Watchpoint callbacks?

Please correct me if I have missed something critical here, but the C++
SB API does not seem to provide a way to set callbacks to run when a
watchpoint is hit (while SBBreakpoint and the private Watchpoint class
does offer this functionality).

* Is this omission by design?
* Is there another way to get similar functionality?
* Would it be a good idea for me to contribute code which adds this

I read through some of the source code, and I think it would be quite
possible to add callback functionality in a manor nearly identical to
the SBBreakpoint implementation.

I have briefly started putting together the needed changes, but I
thought I would check here to make sure I am solving a real problem in a
good way before I go too far.

\author{Daniel Noland}

We just haven't gotten to it yet. If you implement this, please do it like we do the breakpoints.

Greg Clayton