No Makefile.common or Makefile.config after building LLVM/clang

Hello Everyone,
I’m new to LLVM development and I’m trying to get the Hello Pass tutorial working ( )

I have followed these instructions to get llvm,clang, clang extras and compiler-rt ( )

Then I build and install using cmake since make and config is no longer supported ( )

After all the make,cmake build and cmake install is done, i have no makefile.common or makefile.config files to be found anywhere on my PC which are required to run the pass.

Also, i’m building on Ubuntu 14.04, clang version 3.9, LLVM 3.4.

Please point me in the right direction, TIA :slight_smile:

Hi Ammar,

That part of the documentation seems to be outdated. We've deprecated the Makefile based build system in 3.9 and now only use CMake. You can skip the Makefile bits of that description (though you might need to add the appropriate CMakeListis.txt file)

You might also want to check the last LLVM conference at it has a slide set and video with a tutorial about building your own pass.